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Patients who need inpatient care can receive quality, compassionate services at the Chickasaw Nation Medical Center (CNMC), located in Ada, Oklahoma. The CNMC offers a wide array of inpatient services that provide supervised nursing care in acute care or intensive care settings.

Acute Care

The Chickasaw Nation Medical Center Acute Care department serves a variety of patients that are needing supervised nursing care, in an acute-care setting, recovering from surgery or from illness.

Chikasha House

The Chikasha House, located on the campus of the Chickasaw Nation Medical Center (CNMC), provides families or caregivers of patients admitted to the CNMC a convenient and relaxing “home away from home” lodging facility.

Intensive Care Unit

The Intensive Care Unit (ICU) is comprised of a multidisciplinary care structure that ensures the highest level of care and attention.

Surgery Center

The Chickasaw Nation Medical Center Surgery Center is located on the second floor of the Chickasaw Nation Medical Center.
Virtual visits are facilitated using the Mend app to offer a web-based audio/video telecommunication physician-patient appointment service.
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