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Mental Health

Behavioral health and psychiatric service providers within the Chickasaw Nation know that mental health concerns and stress are a major factor in overall wellness. Addressing mental health concerns and preserving overall wellness are a priority at the Chickasaw Nation. The Zero Suicide initiative works to combat the effects of overwhelming stress, anxiety and mental health difficulties by offering immediate help and ongoing treatment options.

Aalhakoffichí (A Place For Healing)

Aalhakoffichi' “a place for healing,” serves Chickasaw, and other First American, youth and their families in need of support and recovery services

Batterer Intervention Services

O.T.A.P (Own violence, Take responsibility, Act respectfully Program) is a 52-week domestic violence education program providing a cognitive behavioral approach with an emphasis on culture, history and First American traditions.

Behavioral Health Psychiatry

The psychiatric services team provides a psychiatric evaluation for the diagnosis and pharmacological treatment of many mental illnesses, including depressive disorders, anxiety disorders, bipolar disorder, schizophrenia,

Behavioral Health Services

Behavioral health providers believe mental health concerns and stress can affect the whole family. They have open services available that can include the entire family unit.

Chickasaw Nation Pediatric Collaborative

Services provide mental health care access, education and treatment for children and teens.

Chokma Pilachi

This program provides psychological assessment for adults and children, including assessments for developmental delays, learning disorders,

Hinaꞌ Chokma “Good Road”

This program is a culturally guided, trauma-informed residential substance abuse program that serves First Americans.

Medical Family Therapy

Medical family therapy is a unique approach to overall health that addresses the biological, psychological, social and spiritual health of patients and their families in a medical setting.

Nittak Himittaꞌ “A New Day”

This program is a culturally guided, trauma informed residential treatment program for First American women.

Prevention Services

Prevention services works to improve the overall health and quality of life for Chickasaw citizens, families and communities by promoting emotional well-being and reducing mental illness and substance use problems through education.
Virtual visits are facilitated using the Mend app to offer a web-based audio/video telecommunication physician-patient appointment service.
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